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Smarter Posting

Community management made easy through actionable content recommendations.

Reportable ROI

Calculate ROI quickly across each network based on engagement, conversions and sales.

Auto-generate Insights

Analyzing data has never been easier with our plain-english insights that explain performance.

Our Platform and Technology

LiftMetrix acts as your “Data Scientist” by calculating your social media ROI based on your marketing objectives. LiftMetrix translates your performance into plain-text insights and gives you real-time actionable recommendations that will lift your ROI.


$95 / month

  • Up to 10K Fans


$195 / month

  • Up to 35K Fans


$495 / month

  • Up to 150K Fans


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  • 150K+ Fans
*Measured by Facebook Fans


Define Your ROI

Track your ROI whether sales or brand awareness is your objective.

Measure Posts Better

Calculate ROI at a post-level to see how content drives your business.

Benchmark Platforms

Learn which social media channel delivers the most ROI for you.

Buy Ads Smarter

Discover the audience segments you should be targeting.

Competitor Analysis

Gain real-time insights into competitors’s posts and engagement.

Unique Metrics

Monitor performance accurately through custom metrics and ratios.

  • “LiftMetrix helped me calculate my social media ROI and gain insights that would otherwise require a data team.”

    Greg Moran– CEO of ZoomCar

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